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For assembly we recommend the following KEDO part 50505:
1. Remove the original ignition lock.
2. Remove the left side cover (battery cover).
3. Hold the ignition lock holder so that you look at the small tab with the large hole and the
The two large flaps with the small holes at the back. Run the original ignition lock
(With the cable pointing upwards) from behind between the two hanging tabs, so that the
Holes of ignition lock and holder match. The ignition lock is fitted with two screws M6x16, two
Small washers and two stop nuts on the ignition key holder.
4. Place the ignition lock holder between the lower support grommets of the battery holder and those on the frame
Fixed holding pins. To do this, the battery holder must be removed or raised a bit.
5. Install the ignition lock holder with a M6x16 screw and large washer on the existing one
Fasten the frame tab.
6. Extend and reconnect the ignition cable. To secure the cable securely (especially on
Possible marks).
7. Replace the side cover.

Attention! Use the ignition key as far as possible, not a large key collar!

1 ignition key holder
3 screws M6x16
2 washers, small
1 Washer, large
2 stop nuts M6
Cable and plug