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Yamaha XT500 TT500 Triple Clamp Handle Bar Bushings 2-008

Plastic Damper Set w/ Washers for Handle Bar Clamp to Top Yoke

KEDO re-designed the bushings as an alternative to the OEM rubber bushings
to avoid the "Spongy" feeling with steering: 100% force transmission.

Easier to mount vs the OEM as they had to be pressed out (bench vice).

Purchase includes:
4x Rubber Bushing (Replacing OEM Part No. 1E6-23434-00-00) 
Special Washers (Replacing OBSOLETE OEM Part No. 90209-12143-00)

Applications: YAMAHA
1976 XT500C - Steering
1977 XT500D - Steering
1978 XT500E - Steering
1979 XT500F - Steering
1980 XT500G - Steering
1981 XT500H - Steering