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Twin Feed Cylinder Head Oil Line Kit "Classic" Style 5-018

 YAMAHA XT500 TT500 SR400 SR500 Twin Dual Feed Oil Line Kit , CNC-Milled Black Anodized Aluminum Distributor Block, 

Our twin-feed, textile-braided, oil line kit is a real "must have" for getting those cams properly lubed! Making it Perfect For High Revving Flat Track Race Engines and Excellent Insurance For Street or Off Road Engines.

Even Yamaha realized that one weak point, that had not been properly corrected, was the front exhaust valve and rocker were not lubed properly, probably the only weak point in this mighty engine. Our oil lines are a high quality custom built solution to this well-known problem. 

They are precision made, easy to fit and tried & tested by Flat-track racers, Enduro riders, Vintage MX riders, participants  in the "Heroes Legend" Paris-Dakar, Baja 1000, Super-Moto, and not to mention many other road racing events!  

With a beautiful design, this oil line is manufactured with proven technology, that helps stabilize the engine. The CNC-machined cooling fins adapt visually to the cylinder head, so they blend in into the engine. The oil line is precise in supplying direct lubrication, yet, remaining discreet. High temperature resistant, with flexible oil line, and adjustable fittings for direct feed to intake and exhaust valve, as well as both rocker arms; resulting in less wear and sufficient cooling of the entire valve drive. The cooling fins design supply equal amounts of fresh oil to the valves for optimal performance while offering a cooling aspect.

You will spend a little in order to save a lot later, because these lube the cams, rockers, and keep your engine running smooth!  

Comes ready to mount including all necessary small parts, requires minimal mechanical skills, and will install in less than 15 minutes.

Direct replacement for OEM part number: 583-13161-01-00

Applications: All Years