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Supertrapp 4" Complete Exhaust System TT500 XT500 6-020

Complete Supertrapp Exhaust System

Supertrapp 1 3/4" Inlet TT500 XT500 Aluminum External Disc Muffler 
Supertrapp 1 3/4"  Inlet Universal Aluminum External Disc Muffler
Approximately 13 in. long tip-to-tip without discs or end cap

The big 4" power house exhaust - aluminum body Supertrapp muffler kit includes all items in photo (Brackets are NOT welded as shown, for reference only), including eight 4 in. diffuser discs, closed end cap, re-packable baffle core, Connection joint clamp,
header gasket, "S" Pipe and our BIG 38mm header pipe!

Note: Brackets are shown welded to muffler for reference ONLY! They will not arrive welded and can be applied as you choose.

Fewer discs increase low-end torque and richen the carbureted fuel mixture. More discs increase sound
levels, increase top-end power and lean out the carbureted fuel mixture. NOTE: When tuning an exhaust
system, start with fewer discs and add. Never start with a lot of discs and subtract. Generally on a stock
set up (no engine modifications, and stock carb and air filter), you can start with six to eight discs. Adding
more disc to a stock engine you will loose back pressure resulting in loss of power. 

Applications: Yamaha