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Speedometer Cable For Yamaha SR400 SR500 16M-83550-01-00 39in. 99-092

This speedometer cable is an excellent replacement item! It has a highly flexible core. The outer cover is heat and abrasion proof for added protection, which makes this a high quality cable. It is approximately 39 inches in length. 

OEM Part No. Reference: 16M-83550-01-00, 4G0-83550-00-00, 48Y-83550-00-00, 48Y-83550-03-00, 34X-83550-01-00, 34X-83550-02-00

If NEW O-ring and clips are needed see below.

Applications: *SR500 (with disc brakes)

2015 SR400FCGY Speedometer Tachometer
2015 SR400FGY Speedometer Tachometer
2016 SR400GB Speedometer Tachometer
2016 SR400GCB Speedometer Tachometer
2017 SR400HB Speedometer Tachometer
2017 SR400HCB Speedometer Tachometer
1978 SR500E Speedometer Tachometer
1979 SR500F Speedometer Tachometer
1980 SR500G Speedometer Tachometer
1981 SR500H Speedometer Tachometer

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