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PMR Racing Ignition; CDI Conversion For XT500 TT500 2-272

PMR Racing Ignition; Conversion to CDI Ignition w/  Ignition Coil, Base Plate, Ignition Coil

The brilliant PME CDI ignition system - allows easy conversion to an absolutely maintenance-free contactless CDI ignition

Double-coil technology for the optimal delivery of the ignition energy over the entire speed range.
If desired and available, the original Luminous flux coil of the XT500 can be taken over and
additionally mounted on the stator plate. The ignition curve is also designed for the use of pistons
with high compression.


Required Tools For 50556 PMR Racing Version:
Flywheel Puller (20045)
Ignition timing Tool (40305)

Alternatively we also offer the PME 12V Version (50555)
PME CDI/Generator Set for 12V CDI Ignition Conversion with Ignition Points, CDI, Ignition Coil, and 12V Regulator:
12V version: Supplied complete including ignition current and light current coils, CDI unit, ignition coil and 12V regulator / rectifier. Please note: You may need additional 12V bulbs, 12V horn, 12V flasher relay, 12V battery, etc. - these are not included in the scope of delivery (suitable add-on kits are available

Applications: 50556 Racing Version Requires OEM Flywheel (Rotor) and Lighting Coil (When necessary)