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Oil Dipstick Thermometer Gauge for Yamaha SR400 SR500 XT500 TT500 Fahrenheit White Face 99-086

RR Oil Dipstick Thermometer, White Face with Black Needle 

Fahrenheit Scale (70-300 Degree)

This oil dipstick thermometer gauge is not only high-class but is also precise!  It is made with aluminum housing with a knurled rim.  The gauge is twistable (oil seal included), with a glycerin dampened needle which is very easy to read!  The maximum temperature discrepancy is 1%.  This is a timeless design, and for some models the black face is available!  This will give your bike an “expensive sleek” look!  This is the only place these are available!

We have this thermometer in 4 versions, Black/ Celsius, White/ Celsius, Black/ Fahrenheit, and White/ Fahrenheit.

Applications: ALL YEARS SR400, SR500, TT500, XT500