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Mikuni TM36-TM40 Carburetor Allen Screw Set

Manufacturer #:42013

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The easiest way to more power, no relevant engine modifications necessary!
Performance enhancement of 3hp (and more !) over the whole speed range is possible (since performance depends more on the intake and exhaust)
Equipment TM36/TM40: Carburetor with accelerator pump, gas slider with compulsive actuation (opening and closing), cold-start device (choke) and low pressure port (e.g.for low pressure fuel petcocks, where applicable)
Equipment TM34: Full double-carburetor bridge (both gas sliders open simultaneouly at a time from idling mixture), otherwise just like TM36/TM40
Fits SR500 and XT500 without modifications to the air filter box; in SRX600 airbox joints must be extended (supplied with Kit 33147)
Mounting of K&N racing air filters possible (air filter box not applicable)