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Air Filter Joint For Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 583-14453-00-00 99-085

Air Filter Joint (e.g. at air cleaner case)

OEM Part No Reference: 583-14453-00-00

Length 35mm
Diameter/Carburetor 55mm

For better power replace that old rotten cracked joint with this new air filter box carburetor joint often this joint is over-looked when tuning your bike, which is located between the front and rear portion of the air box. These bikes are 30 plus years old and they dry up, crack, or become distorted which allows harmful power robbing dirt and other contaminants into the carburetor, and then directly feeds into the engine This is a very inexpensive form of preventive maintenance.

Applications: YAMAHA (e.g. Suitable for VM34SS OEM Carburetor)
1976 TT500C - Air Filter
1976 XT500C - Intake
1977 TT500D - Air Filter
1977 XT500D - Intake
1978 SR500E - Intake
1978 TT500E - Air Filter
1978 XT500E - Air Cleaner
1978 XT500E_205 - Intake
1979 SR500F - Intake
1979 TT500F - Intake
1979 XT500F - Intake
1980 TT500G - Intake
1981 TT500H - Intake