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Tuning Camshaft "Midrange Power" Exchange 30860

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Manufacturer #:30860

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or call: (785) 263-1948
THIS CAM IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITH YOUR GOOD CAM CORE EXCHANGE. This is a special order item. Please allow approximately 15 business days for delivery. 
Offers Excellent Midrange Power 

Valve lift

Intake Valve / 11.38 mm

Exhaust Valve 11.21mm

valve opened/closed
    28.5° before top dead center point / 70.5° after bottom dead center (Intake Valve)
    61° before b.d.c. / 27° after t.d.c. (Exhaust Valve)

duration Intake Valve / Exhaust Valve
    279° / 268°

lobe center Intake Valve / Exhaust Valve
    111° after t.d.c. / 107° before t.d.c.

Tappet clearance (cold)

Intake Valve     0.15 mm

Exhaust Valve 0.20 mm
All specifications referring to 1mm valve lift and 0mm valve clearance.

Notice: When installing the tuning-cam pay close attention to the valve-to-piston clearance a min.1.2mm at the intake valve at 10° before t.d.c and 1.7mm on the exhaust valve at 10° after t.d.c.
In the case the minimum clearances cannot be met, the valve pockets on the top of the piston have to be milled down

only available with your good cam core exchanged