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Stainless Steel Broadened Foot Peg Set For Yamaha XT500 TT500 1-010

Toothed and Broadened Stainless Steel Foot Peg Set, 2 pcs

Perfect for racing or long trips.

Dimensions: Approx. 84mm x 45mm

Shipment includes, BOTH, L/H & R/H Foot Peg

These foot pegs, are manufactured using stainless steel; providing durability and remaining completely rust proof. By broadening the design of the foot pegs, optimized shape for the best grip and traction; tremendously preventing boots or shoes from slipping, in even the worse of conditions, a fault that was all too familiar and un-pleasurable in the OEM's design.

Ref. OEM Part No.  583-27411-00-00 & 583-27421-00-00

Applications: Yamaha
TT500 All Years
XT500 All Years