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'Heavy Duty' Clutch Springs 6 pcs 1-139

EBC Brakes 'Heavy Duty' Clutch Spring Set (6 pcs.)

Replaces Yamaha OEM Part # 90501-23391-00 

Full engine set of heat treated and tempered steel coil or diaphragm springs with a guaranteed tension of 15% above standard. 

Clutch springs are an extremely important part of a motorcycle transmission system and EBC takes very seriously the accuracy of spring tension in their range of CSK kits.

Always check lever operating pressure for ease of clutch disengagement before riding or releasing motorcycle for use.

Due to packaging reasons we always supply 6 springs, even if only 5 are needed.

Application: Yamaha
YZ250F, XT350, SR500, TT500, XT500, XT550, SRX600, TT600E, TT600RE, XT600Z'86-, XT600E+K, SRZ660, XTZ660