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Yamaha Universal Forged Dog Leg Black Clutch AND Brake Levers

Yamaha XT500 & TT500 Forged Clutch and Brake Lever Set
Yamaha used 3 styles of levers for most models: early plain, sometimes polished, "dog-leg", and then "finger grip". This set is the "dog-leg" levers!

This is a set of black levers, right hand and left hand. These levers will fit all standard Yamaha lever mountings for drum brake models. The clutch levers are also used on later disc brake models. Please check the style most appropriate for your model as different styles were used in different countries and years

LEVER L - Clutch Lever - OEM Reference # 583-83912-00-00, 1J3-83912-00, 3FY-83912-01
LEVER R - Front Brake Lever - OEM Reference # 2A6-83922-00-00