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Tachometer Cable For Yamaha XT500 1E6-83560-52-00 2-002

Tachometer Cable 

High quality cable with a highly flexible core. The outer cover is heat and abrasion proof, for added protection.

Length: 640mm

*Please use O-ring from old part or order at the same time if necessary.

Replaces OEM Part No. 1E6-83560-52-00

1976-1981 TT500 Tachometer ***Note: The original TT500's DID NOT come equipped with a tachometer, this cable is only applicable if a tachometer is applied. The cable will work with your choice of tachometer.
 1976 XT500C Meter
 1977 XT500D Speedometer Tachometer
 1978 XT500E Meter
 1978 XT500E_205 Speedometer Tachometer
 1979 XT500F Speedometer Tachometer
 1980 XT500G Speedometer Tachometer
 1981 XT500H Speedometer Tachometer