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Side Cover Decals Fender Set For Yamaha 1980 XT500 4-083

XT500 Side Cover and Fender Set with Decals

Our fenders and side covers are manufactured in an elaborate molding process using imbued plastic; constructing a durable, scratch resistant and impact proof design. All plastics and decals have been researched and constructed to Yamaha OEM specifications regarding shape, length, and color and upgraded with higher quality materials. Decals are produced using imprinted and durable, imbued film, (no affixed letters); resulting in a scratch-resistant and UV-resistant design.

Kit Includes: (5 pcs)
1980 Decal Kit, L/H & R/H - Yamaha OEM Part Numbers Reference: 3H6-21787-00-00 & 3H6-21786-00-00 (*Decals NOT installed)
1980 Black Left Hand Side Cover - Yamaha OEM Part Number Reference: 3H7-21711-00-33
1980 Black Right Hand Side Cover - Yamaha OEM Part Number Reference: 3H7-21721-00-33
1980 Clean White Front Fender - Yamaha OEM Part Number Reference: 3H6-21511-00-00

Originally used on the 1980 XT500, this kit, can be applied to the 1981 model as well; NOT 1976-1979 (side covers were different in shape and size)