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Muffler Gasket Exhaust Gasket For Yamaha TT500 XT500 2-249

Muffler Gasket / Exhaust Gasket For TT500 XT500  

Dimensions: 42.5x35x23mm

**Always use new gaskets after disassembling your exhaust system in order to prevent exhaust leakage!

Alternative to (EXPENSIVE) OEM Part No. 3EG-14714-00-00 Supersedes 4X7-14714-00-00

Application: YAMAHA

1977 TT500D Exhaust
1978 TT500E Exhaust
1979 TT500F Exhaust
1980 TT500G Exhaust
1981 TT500H Exhaust
1977 XT500D Exhaust
1978 XT500E Exhaust
1978 XT500E_205 Exhaust
1979 XT500F Exhaust
1980 XT500G Exhaust
1981 XT500H Exhaust