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M6 Black Zinc-Coated Allen Screw Set Yamaha SR400 SR500 TT500 & XT500 1-127

Set includes all standard screws for the clutch cover, the oil filter lid (including air-vent screw), the generator cover, possibly the front sprocket cover and valve adjuster cap

8.8 quality, black zink-coated

There is a reason our screw sets are not manufactured from A2 stainless steel, the reason? A2 stainless is to hard for cases than for example 8.8 Allen screws; one of two major events happen with A2 steel, they are too tight or if there is corrosion in the thread, stripping can occur while removing them, without warning . In addition, the drilling of sheared A2 screws with standard tools is almost impossible; resulting in the drill bit slipping into the softer motor housing and causing even greater damage.