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Ice & Road Racing Cam SR500 TT500 & XT500 25162

This cam is to be used with modified piston and springs. It is mainly meant to be used in Ice Racing and Road Racing bikes, basically where-ever mid-range and FULL top-end power is needed.
This cam will provide a smooth power band. TDC Lift in=.223"/ex= .225". The valve lift is .495/.465; the duration is 300/296; and the lobe center is 102/102. Intake open/close is 48btc/72abc. Valve Lash is .005. Exhaust open/close is 70bbc/46atc. Valve Lash is .005.
"Please allow 10-14 days for delivery"

*You must send us your core; if core isn't sent an additional $82 core fee will be charged