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High Performance Exhaust Valve +2mm (49mm) SR500 TT500 XT500 Nitrated 4-115

High Performance Intake Valve; Nitrated +2mm
Designed and Engineered by KEDO Gmbh. Hamburg, Germany

**1x per purchase

  • Increasing the OEM's design of 47mm diameter by 2mm, 49mm, allows for a tighter degree of flow through the cylinder.
  • Weight slightly increased over OEM's; suitable for HIGHER RPM's
  • The nitrated shaft optimizes operation, an iron-clad solution against pitting.
  • Polished valve plate "swirl-polished" allows for optimum flow characteristics; precisely milled 45° angle valve seat.
  • In combination with other tuning measures (e.g. flow-bench, carb tuning, performance cams etc.) this performance valve is a significant performance improvement.

Applications: YAMAHA
SR500 1978-1981
XT500 1976-1981
TT500 1976-1981

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