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Athena Top End Gasket Kit For Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 1-176

Superior quality gasket set from Athena S.P.A. 

This Top-End Gasket Kit includes all necessary gaskets to rebuild the top end of the motor from the base gasket up, including all rubber gaskets such as valve cover gaskets, o-rings and valve stem seal. 

  • Head gaskets feature rubber-coated spring steel construction.
  • Soft steel base gaskets are rubber coated.
  • Steel core materials feature high spring-back and superior tensile strength. 
  • Revolutionary transparent coating guarantees a perfect seal even at extremely high temperatures. 
  • High-temperature blue silicone beading on most critical flat gaskets. 
  • Applications:
    Yamaha SR500 1978
    Yamaha SR500 1979
    Yamaha SR500 1980
    Yamaha SR500 1981
    Yamaha TT500 1976
    Yamaha TT500 1977
    Yamaha TT500 1978
    Yamaha TT500 1979
    Yamaha TT500 1980
    Yamaha TT500 1981
    Yamaha XT500 1976
    Yamaha XT500 1977
    Yamaha XT500 1978
    Yamaha XT500 1979
    Yamaha XT500 1980
    Yamaha XT500 1981