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16T Front Sprocket With 520 Chains For Yamaha XT500 TT500 29-150

Sprocket, 16T for 520 Chain

Pinion with clean teeth and cleared a hardening of 700 HV 40 (depth 0.4 mm, which corresponds to the standard of the original). Radial and axial run out tolerance typically below 0.1mm.

Yamaha TT500 1976
Yamaha TT500 1977
Yamaha TT500 1978
Yamaha TT500 1979
Yamaha TT500 1980
Yamaha TT500 1981
Yamaha XT500 1976
Yamaha XT500 1977
Yamaha XT500 1978
Yamaha XT500 1979
Yamaha XT500 1980
Yamaha XT500 1981