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Yamaha XT500 Battery Tray Rubber Housing B-034

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Manufacturer #:28118 OR 1E6-82122-01-00

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Battery Tray Seat / Rubber Damper for Battery Box

Reproduction of OEM Part No. 1E6-82122-01-00

Applications: YAMAHA
1976 XT500C Electrical
1977 DT250D Electrical
1977 DT400D Electrical
1977 XT500D Electrical
1978 DT250E Electrical
1978 DT400E Electrical
1978 XT500E Electrical
1978 XT500E_205 Electrical
1979 DT250F Electrical
1979 XT500F Electrical
1980 XT500G ELECTRICAL - 1
1981 XT500H ELECTRICAL - 1