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NGK Universal Spark Plug Resistor Cover For TT500 SR500 XT500 1-177

NGK Spark Plug Resistor Cover VB05F 

Color: Black
Fitment: Universal 

Brand NEW NGK spark plug cap for B series spark plug. This high quality CERAMIC RESISTOR ensures optimum performance and reliability. 
Resistor covers are required when spark plugs alone don't provide sufficient noise suppression. This resistor cap is designed to reduce magnetic interference and radio frequency interference, which can interfere with ignition components, causing misfires and poor engine performance. 

Specifications: 120 Degree Angle (Long Elbow Type)
  •          High Performance Built to Withstand Extreme Heat And Vibration: 
  •                *Maximum heat resistance              *Maximum voltage resistance
  •          Ceramic Resistors Ensure Optimum Performance AND Reliability 
  •          Waterproof: *Designed to keep water out
  •          Long durability, High Quality Performance 
  •          1 pc