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6V 8-23W 2-Pin Round Flasher Relay Assembly 1-032

Round Flasher Relay Assembly, 6V, 2 Pin, mechanical (without rubber bracket)
**Suitable for OEM and most aftermarket indicators 
  • 2-Prong Flasher Unit; see below for 3-Prong
  • Capacity: 32cp (23W) - 192cp (138W), Maximum Six Lamps
  • Volts: 6
Applications: Universal Pay ATTENTION TO THE WIRING: 31 resp. `E`=ground, 49 resp. `B` or `X`=plus, 49a resp. `L` =switch
If your model originally had a 3 pin relay fitted, this can easily be adapted. The difference is the method of wiring the pilot/warning light.

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