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Accelerator Pump Assembly For Yamaha SR500 1978-1981 & XT500 1978-1981 99-052

Mikuni Accelerator Pump Assembly For Yamaha SR500 & XT500

Air-Cut Off Valve Diaphragm
3-Point Mounting, Right Side
VM32SS Mikuni Carb 

Cuts the air inlet in gas throttling, thus ensures the enrichment of mixture and therefore the fuel/air mixture gets lightly raised. This avoids the "sputtering effect" in the carburetor.

Price per unit

OEM Part # Reference: 2H0-14217-00-00


1978       SR500E Carburetor

1979       SR500F Carburetor

1980       SR500G Carburetor

1981       SR500H Carburetor

1979       XT500F Carburetor

1980       XT500 Carburetor

1981       XT500H Carburetor