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6V High Output Ignition Coil Assembly For XT TT 3-020

 Ignition Coil

*Fits both 6V & 12V Systems

High Quality Alternative to the (EXPENSIVE) OEM Part No. 355-82310-40; Supersedes (Replaces) the following OEM Part Numbers: 324-82310-10, 336-82310-40, 304-82310-30, 1M1-82310-40, 1Y8-82310-40, 1M2-82310-40, 5X6-82310-40, 5G4-82310-40, 437-82310-41, 437-82310-40, 437-82310-00, 367-82310-30, 296-82310-30, 324-82310-10P, 2A3-82310-30, 5X1-82310-41, 860-82310-40, 583-82310-50

Application: YAMAHA 6V OR 12V Systems
Yamaha XT500 TT500 XT TT 250

For complete Tune Up Kit options see below