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Much sought-after as a restoration object and light everyday enduro, the little brother of the XT500 has long since stepped out of its shadow. In the YAMAHA range from 1979 to 1990, the quarter-litre XT impresses with its low weight and sensible improvements over the 500. CDI ignition, balance shaft, cantilever suspension. 
The XT250 has had its place in movies such as Rambo . And because it is so popular with everyone, we have put together a selection of restoration and conversion parts that are particularly close to our hearts:
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Plug In Regulator/Rectifier for 12V Conversion


"Low" Chrome Handle Bars 1979-1981 TT500 XT250 TT250 7-018


2A6-24611-00-00 Fuel Tank Cap Lid Replacement TT500 XT500 2-226


6V High Output Ignition Coil Assembly For XT TT 3-020


Air Filter XT250 3Y1-14451-00-00 1-042


Aluminum Rim 1.60x21", Polished, Drilled Application: TT500, XT500


Black Mirrors For Yamaha TT XT Pair 5-072


Clean White Fender Guard Front Fender For Yamaha TT500 XT250 XT500 4-008


Complete wiring Harness XT250 4-134


Decal Set for Side Covers 92028


Early Chrome Plated Mirrors For Yamaha TT XT (2x) 4-084


Exhaust Pipe Gasket For XT250 TT250 4BE-14613-00-00 29-107


Float for Mikuni VM34SS carburetor C-22


Fork Gaiters, Black, 1 Pair TT XT 250 5-187


Front Fork Oil Seals For TT500 XT500 36x48x10.5mm - 2pcs Pair 1-077


H4 12V Conversion Add On Kit Upgrade For Yamaha XT250 XT500 5-169


Header Pipe, stainless steel, fits MARVING silencer


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Foot pegs (Left & Right),


Mini Indicator Adapter for Front Turn Signal Brackets


NGK 1034 BP7ES Standard Spark Plug 1-049


Oil Dipstick Thermometer


Performance Conventional 6V Battery 6N6-3B-1 For XT500 XT250 1-191


Rear Fender Reinforcement Plate, replaces OEM # 3Y3-21670-00,


Rear Wheel Spoke Set Stainless Steel


Replica Front Fender 'Competition Yellow 1980-1981 Models F-13


Rubber Damper Side Cover (Oval) 29-032


Swingarm Guard Chain Roller, OEM reference # 3Y1-22151-00-00 99-189


Tank Decal Red/Black, 1 pair 92118


TT Style Dakar Race Indicator Bracket Front 1 pair For XT250 XT500 2-223


TT Style Rear Indicator Brackets


WIRTH Fork Springs For Yamaha XT250 TT250 XT500 TT500 6-019


XT TT 250 Mono Rear Shock Absorber 4-075


XT 250 Carburetor Rebuild-Kit 2-054


XT250 Engine Guard, aluminum black coated 1981-1984 SkU 6-026


XT250 Cable for Automatic Decompression, , OEM reference # 3Y1-12292-00


XT250 Classic Chain Guard Replacing 3Y1-22311-00-00 3-121


XT250 Decal 'Black Part' for LH side cover 99-187


XT250 Decal Set for Side Cover


XT250 Front Wheel Spoke Set Stainless Steel 21" wheel


XT250 Fuel Petcock, complete


XT250 Handlebar switch LH, OEM-Comparison-.4J3-83972-00


XT250 Header Pipe Heatshield


XT250 Information Sticker Routing Battery Breather Hose


XT250 Rear Wheel Spoke Set Stainless Steel for 17" wheel


XT250 Side Cover Set Left and Right 1 pair 5-182


XT250 Tool Box Cover OEM reference # 3Y1-28185-00 2-025


XT250 TT250 Rear Fender, Plastic, 3Y0-21611-00-00 White (OEM) 2-076


XT250G 1980- Gas Tank Decals


XT250G 1980- Side Cover Decals


XT500 XT250 Headlight Mounting Set 99-185


Yamaha Mini Tail-Light w/ 12v Bulb 3-084


Yamaha Handlebar Switch LH (Lights HI/LO Horn Turn Signal) 5-142




Yamaha XT250 MARVING "EDR" Silencer; Black Chrome 91327


Yamaha XT500 XT250 Handlebar Switch (LH) w/ Male Connections 4-124


Fuel Tank Decal Red/Silver/Dark Grey, 1 Pair 92120


Yamaha XT250 Stainless Steel Header Pipe Including Flange Bolts and Mounting Paste 91313F


Retaining Plate/Heat Shield for Side Cover Right, OEM reference # 3Y1-14718-00


Rear Wheel Axle For XT250 XT500 SR500 150-25381-01-00 2-243


XT250 Retaining Bracket/Heat Shield for Side Cover, right 99-183


Left Hand Early Chrome Plated Mirror For Yamaha TT XT 4-054


Front Or Rear Turn Signal Indicator Flasher Light Assembly For Yamaha XT250 XT500 7-030


Chrome Plated Gear Lever Shift Pedal For SR500 TT500 XT250 XT500 XT550 4-076


Yamaha 1980-1983 XT250 XT 250 Black Seat Cover 6-025

$44.31 $46.71

Oil Filter Kit 7 Pieces Complete Kit For Yamaha SR400 SR500 XT500 TT500 1-109


Polished Stainless Steel Front Fork Top Yoke Bolt For Yamaha SR TT XT 2-081


Speedometer Cable For Yamaha XT 250 XT500 XT550 (910mm) 2-014


Decompression Cable Cover Lever Cover Boot For Yamaha Models OEM 583-26352-00-00 2-259


6V Rectifier For XT125 XT200 XT250 XT500 353-81970-M0-00 1-027


Circlip Front Fork (Snap Ring Above Oil Seal) 29-060


Fuel Tank Decal Red/Silver/Dark Grey, 1 Pair 92120


Fuel Tank Decal Red/Silver/Dark Grey, 1 Pair 92120


Front Wheel Castle Nut For Yamaha TT XT SR 90171-14056-00 4-073


Genuine Yamaha Clutch and Brake Lever Pivot Bolt 90109-061F3 99-120


Genuine Yamaha Double Connector Clip For Throttle Cables OEM 90468-15009-00 For Misc. Models 29-139


Genuine Yamaha Front Fork Assembly Hexagon Socket Head Bolt For SR TT XT 29-028


Headlight Damper Rubber Grommet (Outside Shell) For Yamaha XT 1M1-84164-60-00 29-070


Rubber Damper for Side Cover, top right and bottom 29-023