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Products designed by Wrenchmonkees and engineered by KEDO

"The Wrenchmonkees are one of the most influential builders in the custom scene," commented Yamaha Motor Europe Marketing Coordinator, Cristian Barelli. "We have worked with them since we began the Yard Built project and have collaborated on some really ground breaking machines. This latest build is brilliant; it shows clearly that their design is constantly moving forward and evolving, ahead of the game! I'm really happy that they have shown that with some clever modifications, but no cutting or welding to the frame, you can transform the XSR900 into something completely different."

Taking the XSR900 from a street machine to an all-terrain beast comes courtesy of Borrani 17" spoke wheels with black rims, 9mm stainless spokes and black hubs. The Borrani wheels get wrapped in some serious rubber, Continental TKC tyres. The rear-end gets beefed up with a K-Tech shock, Gilles Tooling chain adjusters and a TRW rear brake disc and steel braided brake line....

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MT-07 XSR700 XSR900 Oil Dipstick Thermometer with BLACK Clock-Face


K&N O.E.M. Replacement High-Flow Air Filter 401521


Yamaha XSR900 Monkeewrench Monkeebeast Build Basic Kit KITMONKEEBEAST


Yamaha XSR900 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Headlight w/ Stainless Steel Brackets WM0030


Yamaha XSR900 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Aluminum Front Fender WM0031


Yamaha XSR900 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Rear Aluminum Fender WM0028


Yamaha XSR900 Aluminum Engine Guard "Monkeebeast" Incl. Black Stainless Steel Brackets 60696


KEDO Street Pegs, Complete Set Driver, 1 Pair (Rubberized Footpegs incl. Small Parts) 41809


Yamaha (MT-09) XSR900 Broadened Toothed KEDO Driver Footpegs; 1 Pair Enduro Style; Welded Stainles Steel Electropolished 30978


Yamaha MT-09 XSR900 Aluminum Brake Fluid Reservoir Rear Incl. Stainless Steel Bracket and Hose 30261


Yamaha XSR900 & MT-09 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Radiator Guard WM0027


POD-300 Digital Display 1020-2371


Yamaha XSR900 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Rear Swingarm Splash Guard; Black-Coated Aluminum w/ Mounting Material WM0029


Handlebar Grip 'Karate midi', black


JvB-moto 'Super7' LED front indicator lights JVB0036


LED Turn Signals; Black "Blaze"Clear Lens Type 41135


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 XSR700 FZ-09 MT-09 XSR900 JvB-moto LED Front Turn Signal Set 1-024


Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Chrome LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $112.95

Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Titanium LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $132.99

Yamaha Adapter Wiring Loom for Aftermarket Tail Lights 08-006


Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Front or Rear Daytona Black Metal LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$106.99 $113.99

Daytona "MT-Style" CNC-Milled L/H Mirror w/ M10x1.25 Adapter 30398


Daytona "MT-Style" CNC-Milled R/H Mirror w/ 2 M10x1.25 Adapters 30399


XSR900 22mm Handlebar Grip Set Biltwell "Renegade"; Black


LED Turn Signals; Black "Blaze" Smoked Lens Type 41085


M8 LED Sequential Pulse Turn Signal Indicator Set (2x) 83mm Length 41082


Yamaha XSR900 & MT-09 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Rear Indicator Stay WM0026


Yamaha 12V Small Triple Connection Electronic Flasher Relay B-071


Yamaha MT-07 MT-09 XSR700 & XSR900 Adapter Wiring Harness' (2x) for Aftermarket Tail Lights 01-012


Yamaha XSR900 & MT-09 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" License Plate Bracket with Adjustable Angle Tail Light WM0025


Yamaha XSR900 Continental TKC80 Twinduro 120/70-17" 58QTL (TUBELESS) Enduro Tire 61011


Yamaha XSR900 Continental TKC80 Twinduro 180/55-17" 73QTL (TUBELESS) Enduro Tire 61010


Yamaha XSR900 Wrenchmonkees "Monkeebeast" Speedometer Bracket w/ Mounting Supplies WM0032


Yamaha XSR900 "Monkeebeast" Bracket for Brake Lines/Side Reflector Black Powder-Coated Stainless Steel; Pair 22061