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Yamaha hosts a highly successful Yard Built program in which homegrown bike outfitters get the chance to put their talents on display with a stock Yamaha bike. This go-around utilized an XSR700, otherwise known as the Universal Japanese Motorcycle, and bike builders JvB-moto delivered the goods with an insane-looking Scrambler version providing the standard XSR700 with a rougher exterior.

Known as the Super 7, this urban warrior of a bike now features side covers that hide the majority of the subframe mounting points and exposed bolt holes. The bike also looks much more aggressive thanks to the bobbed fender and a dirt bike style tail. The engine is a 689cc parallel twin and a well-matched 6- speed gear box that keeps the bike pulling with gumption throughout the ride. JvB-moto hooked this Scrambler up with a new exhaust and Italian Borrani wheels that allow the stock suspension to function at optimal capacity as well. It’s a simply beautiful Scrambler that’s completely street legal while boasting an off-road ready aesthetic. A job well done no doubt. Click here for more

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Triumph Modern Classics & Universal 41x25x20 LED Turn Signals; Black "Blaze" Type


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 & XSR700 'Super7' Front Fender (unpainted) incl. Aluminium Brackets 14-020


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 XSR700 46x84mm Enduro Style Widened Foot Pegs Set (2x) 30977


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 XSR700 FZ-09 MT-09 XSR900 JvB-moto LED Front Turn Signal Set 08-009


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 & FZ-07 LSL Aluminum Driver's Footpeg Set (2x) Pair 01-028


Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Chrome LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$112.95 $106.99

Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Daytona Titanium LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$132.99 $106.99

Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Front or Rear Daytona Black Metal LED R/H & L/H Turn Signal Set

$113.99 $106.99

Yamaha XSR700 JvB Moto "Super7" Decal Set for Side Covers 17-008


Yamaha XSR700 JvB-moto's "Super7" Single Seat w/ Mounting Material JVB0039 14-021


Conversion-Kit 'XSR Super7' Basic Parts to turn your Yamaha XSR700 into a JvB-moto XSR Super7


Yamaha XSR700 'Super7' Headlight Cover GRP Un-Painted incl. H4 Headlight Fork Covers and Hardware JVB0033


JvB-moto Super7 Rear Fender JVB0038


JvB-moto XSR700 Front Frame Covers JVB0035


Yamaha XSR700 JvB-moto Super 7 Side Panel Set JVB0037


Super 7 License plate bracket Europe ONLY 62026


Daytona Speed Sensor for 'Velona' Speedometer 40824


RR Oil Dipstick Thermometer RR23 with Black Clockface 91331S


'Classic' Handlebar Grip 40413


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 LED Micro Turn Signal Set w/ Smoke Lens 25x11x14.5mm 41685


JVB Super 7 XSR Rear Indicator Turn Signal Bracket JVB0042


XSR 700 Brake Fluid Reservoir


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 Super7 Aluminum Radiator Grill Protector 62000


XSR 700 Rear Splash Guard 'Super7' 30257


XSR700 Aluminium Handlebar 'JvB-moto Style' 30519S


XSR700 Daytona 'Velona' Speedometer 40786


Yamaha FZ-07 MT-07 & XSR700 JvB-moto 80mm Front Fork Gaitors Boots "Super 7" Style (1 Pair) 30-063


Yamaha MT-07 XSR700 MT-09 XSR900 Adapter Wiring Loom for Aftermarket Tail Lights 08-006


Yamaha MT-07 MT-09 XSR700 & XSR900 Adapter Wiring Harness' (2x) for Aftermarket Tail Lights 01-012