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Power-Intake Box Lid Kit Incl. Main Jet #240 XT/TT500 2-011

Power Intake Filter Box Lid

Gives the engine more air, providing significantly more power!

Protects the air filter from dirt and grim impurities and replaces the air filter box lid!

Alternative to OEM # 583-14422-00-00

Shipped ready to mount no modification to air box needed but air filter holders must be trimmed;  Sent with 240 main jet for fine tuning. 


 1976 TT500C Air Filter
 1977 TT500D Air Filter
 1978 TT500E Air Filter
 1979 TT500F Intake
 1980 TT500G Intake
 1981 TT500H Intake
 1976 XT500C Intake
 1977 XT500D Intake
 1978 XT500E Air Cleaner
 1978 XT500E_205 Intake
 1979 XT500F Intake
 1980 XT500G Intake
 1981 XT500H Intake