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Black Left Hand Side Cover For Yamaha TT500 XT500 4-031

Manufacturer #:29484

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Side Cover, Black, L/H for TT500 & XT500

Color: Black

Replacing OEM 2Y0-21711-10-33 this left hand black side cover is manufactured in an elaborate molding process using imbued plastic; constructing a durable, scratch resistant and impact proof design. It is made to OEM specifications in shape, length, and color; and in many cases, upgraded with higher quality materials.

When using on the XT500 model it eliminates the need for the lock mechanism 

TT500: The year of construction, 1980, is for reference; these TT500 black Side Covers are interchangeable between 1979-1981
XT500: The year of manufacturer's use, 1980, is for reference; these XT500 black Side Covers are interchangeable between 1980-1981