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Yamaha TT500 XT500 1T1-22179-02 Rear Chain Tensioner Arm, Stainless Steel Powder Coated 28423

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Manufacturer #:28423

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Chain Tensioner Arm, stainless steel powder coated

Mounting Hole Distance (hole to hole) : 19mm

Replaces (OBSOLETE) OEM Part Number: 1T1-22179-02-00

Applications: YAMAHA
1977 TT500D - Swing Arm Rear Shocks
1977 XT500D - Rear Arm - Rear Cushion - Chain Case
1978 TT500E - Swing Arm-Rear Shocks
1978 XT500E - Swing Arm - Rear Shocks
1978 XT500E_205 - Rear Arm - Rear Cushion - Chain Case
1979 XT500F - Rear Arm - Rear Cushion - Chain Case