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Silencer Heat Shield For Yamaha TT500 XT500 1T1-14718-00 1-013

Heat Shield For Silencer / Muffler Protector

Now you can replace those beat up used shields with our new 100% perfect heat shield.
This is a must have for any true restoration or anyone wanting to make there XT500 or TT500 look fresh and alive!
Matt Black Coated

Ref. (OBSOLETE) Yamaha OEM PART NO. 1T1-14718-00-00

*We also carry the matching Expansion Chamber Heat Shield (e.g. under seat)

Applications: Yamaha
1977 TT500D Exhaust
1978 TT500E Exhaust
1979 TT500F Exhaust
1980 TT500G Exhaust
1981 TT500H Exhaust
1977 XT500D Exhaust
1978 XT500E Exhaust
1978 XT500E_205 Exhaust
1979 XT500F Exhaust
1980 XT500G Exhaust
1981 XT500H Exhaust