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M8 Outlet Elbow Stud Bolt Exhaust Header Flange Stud Bolt M8 29-A24

M8 Original Bolt Outlet / Elbow Stud Bolt

Exhaust header flange stud for mounting header flange to cylinder head.
Strength class 8.8 bright for maximum load capacity, with a longer screw-in end than the original bolt.

Applications: SR500, TT500, XT500 (longer side is screwed in, length outside exactly as original OEM specifications
1978 SR500E Exhaust
1979 SR500F Exhaust
1980 SR500G Exhaust
1981 SR500H Exhaust
1976 TT500C Exhaust
1977 TT500D Exhaust
1979 TT500F Exhaust
1980 TT500G Exhaust
1981 TT500H Exhaust
1976 XT500C Exhaust
1977 XT500D Exhaust
1978 XT500E Exhaust
1978 XT500E_205 Exhaust
1979 XT500F Exhaust
1980 XT500G Exhaust
1981 XT500H Exhaust

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