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Header Pipe Gasket - Silencer Gasket For Yamaha 1976 XT500 1976 TT500 OEM 583-14714-02-00 43x48x30mm 5-014

Exhaust Gasket / Header Pipe Gasket / Silencer Gasket

This Exhaust Gasket is a high performance replacement of the stock item. Made for high performance engines, but work as an excellent replacement for stock engines and exhaust systems as well. 

~Note: You should always use a new gasket after disassembling in order to prevent leakage of the exhaust sytem.

Price per item

Dimensions: 43x48x30mm

Replacement for No Longer Available Yamaha OEM PART NO. 583-14714-02-00, 10-583-14714-00-00; 583-14714-00


1976 TT500C Exhaust
1976 XT500C Exhaust