Reproduction Seat Cover, Black, Short Version with White 'Yamaha', approx. 60cm, OEM Reference# 2H0-24731-00-00, 1E6-24731-00-00, 05-049

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XT500 Reproduction Seat Cover, Black, Short Version, approx. 60cm, OEM Reference# 2H0-24731-00-00, 1E6-24731-00-00

Application: XT500'76-'79 (for Seat without Extension)

Yamaha Motorcycle 1976 XT500C Seat

Yamaha Motorcycle 1978 XT500E_205 Seat

Yamaha Motorcycle 1978 XT500E Seat

Yamaha Motorcycle 1979 XT500F Seat

Yamaha Motorcycle 1977 XT500D Seat