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Yamaha SR400 SR500 Shock Assembly Hardware Mounting Material Kit C-14

Yamaha SR400 SR500 Rear Shock Assembly Kit

Kit Includes:
2x Washers *Ref OEM PART NO 90201-15797-00 14.8x27x2mm
2x Wahsers *Ref OEM PART NO 90201-10696-00
2x Dome Nut Caps *Ref OEM PART NO. 90176-10009-00

Sold as 1x Kit per purchase; purchase 2x kits if needed
e.g. 1x kit can be applied to the top or the bottom of RH/LH shocks (Complete assembly on LH/RH requires 4 kits)

Applications: YAMAHA 
SR400 All Years *Top/Bottom Shock Assembly; as pictured
SR500 All Years *Top/Bottom Shock Assembly; as pictured