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Reinforced Cylinder Base Gasket For SR500 TT500 XT500 (All Years US) 583-11351-00-00 1-033

Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 Cylinder Head Gasket / Cylinder Gasket
Designed and Engineered by KEDO GmbH. Hamburg, Germany

Our gaskets have proved to have a high resistance to wear and weathering.

Reinforced Alternative of the OEM PART NO. 3HT-11351-00-00 Supersedes:  583-11351-00-00

This cylinder head gasket is compatible with Yamaha TT500, XT500 (all years), and the SR500 (up to 1994 in Europe). 

Applications: YAMAHA

1978 SR500E Cylinder
1979 SR500F Cylinder
1980 SR500G Cylinder
1981 SR500H Cylinder
1976 TT500C Cylinder
1976 TT500C Gasket Kit
1976 TT500C Top End Gasket Kit
1977 TT500D Cylinder
1978 TT500E Cylinder
1979 TT500F Cylinder
1979 TT500F Gasket Kit
1980 TT500G Cylinder
1981 TT500H Cylinder
1976 XT500C Cylinder
1977 XT500D Cylinder
1977 XT500D Top End Gasket Kit
1978 XT500E Cylinder
1978 XT500E_205 Cylinder
1979 XT500F Cylinder
1979 XT500F Gasket Kit
1980 XT500G Cylinder
1981 XT500H Cylinder

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