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Yamaha SR500 4" SuperTrapp Style Stainless Steel Slip-On Silencer 91402

Supper trapp Style muffler 
has an added 3D stainless steel construction. With a 
great fit and clean finish, this two part design is an
excellent addition, and comes with an equally sweet 
tuneable disc system. It can be tuned for standard or
souped-up engines.

Purchase includes:
 Silencer Inserts (6 for mounting and 2 extra)
Silencer End Cap
Stainless Steel Connecter
Exhaust Gasket
Two polished stainless steel clamps
Instructions (In German)
This silencer can be combined with all of our KEDO 
specific header pipes.

SR500 All Years

NOTE: To correctly mount this muffler, you'll need the bracket that is holding the original muffler in place. (Part number 10) 2014-11-09 10-13-24