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M6 8.8 Zinc Plated Crankcase Oil Sump Oil Labyrinth Cable Guide Oil Line Allen Screw Set For Yamaha SR500 TT500 XT500 99-119

M6 Allen Screw Set 8.8
For Crankcase, Oil Sump, Oil Labyrinth, Cable Guide, Oil Line, Zinc Silver

This alternative, set of motor screws, is not manufactured from A2 stainless steel. The reason : A2 - screws are less firm than for example 8.8 Allen screws; they are too tight or if there is corrosion in the thread, you can strip it while applying the hardware; without warning. Galvanized 8.8 Allen, as well as aluminum screws , while overstretching announce clearly! Further, the drilling of sheared A2 screws with normal tools is almost impossible as the drill migrates into the softer motor housing and is directed unevenly. This can then cause even greater damage.
Set includes all standard screws for the clutch cover, the oil filter lid (including air-vent screw), the generator cover, and other possible mounting hardware for the front sprocket cover and valve adjuster cap.

M6 8.8 
8.8 quality, bright zink-coated (silver)