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Power Dynamo Generator Complete Kit (New Version incl. 1.45kg Magnet Wheel & Puller) 1-073

PowerDynamo 72 95 999 HR Kit (31348)  SR500 TT500 XT500 

For better starting properties of the Yamaha and on explicitly customers' request we
have changed the rotor (now: 1.4 kg/ 112mm diameter / 180W - previously: 0.7kg / 103mm diameter / 100W). 

Magnet based generator with integrated solid state ignition.
Replaces all original generator and ignition parts. Updates your system to 12V/180W DC.
There is no need for changes on engine casing. 
Not designed for engines with 10:1 or higher compression ratio

Assembly Instructions (ENGLISH)
Wiring Diagram of the System
Parts Pack Photo