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With the> Mallory <we have consistently brought the topic> Café Racer <to the point. 
Designed as a true kitbike, we have refined an SR500 exclusively with parts from our
product range. We think the result is more than impressive! Elegant and reserved on
the one hand, powerful and independent on the other. The machine stands on 18-inch
aluminum wheels, rear with full 3-inch width. The polished aluminum fenders look more
classic than the original ones. The laying of the brake caliper on the right side of
the vehicle can be noticed only at second glance. This conversion does not focus on
the extraordinary, but on the feasible with reasonable effort. The> Mallory <can also
be bought as a complete motorcycle

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Yamaha 1978-1981 SR500 Disc Brake - Punched - Front LH/RH 1 Piece 41137