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Together with the Cologne-based motorcycle designer Jens vom Brauck (JvB Moto), we once again put a project on the wheels: the B-Track! Similar to the production of songs on vinyl in the 1980s, the construction of the first joint project last year, the D-Track, also attracted numerous ideas, which could not all be realized, and were now implemented with the new B-Track , The concept of the B-Track meets the wish of many SR-owners, To stand out from the crowd, permanently or even stop time. The conversion comes completely without serious modifications to the vehicle - completely different and still with a familiar look.

We have consistently built the B-Track with parts from our product line up. Some of the original parts had to be slightly modified, but the second-hand market still contains sufficient supplies, so that good original parts can be spared. The machine can be rebuilt quickly and cost-effectively and can be retrofitted to the original state.

Just like a standard SR500 also, the B-Track is unrestrictedly everyday. Compared to the series reduced by 31 LBS, it only weighs just 330 LBS. The optimized engine delivers around 35 bhp, combined with the rich torque, a combination that is fun in the big city or on the country road. The seat position is pleasantly upright, the handling is easy and fluid. The short stainless steel exhaust allows a dull barking, but does not have an intrusive effect. The front 2-piston brake caliper is delicate and has the B-Track firmly under control at all times. Numerous detailed solutions make the motorcycle pure fun, a timeless combination of vintage look and modern production technology.

The B-Track is available from us as a complete motorcycle from $13,899. Anyone who wants to do the conversion with their own efforts, brings the real designer motorcycle on the road more favorably. The basis is all SR500 types 2J4 and 48T. All conversion measures are completely reversible as there are no frame or other structural changes. Conclusion: Your SR is a sleeping beauty - bring it back to life!

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