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Fuel Tank Damper For Yamaha TT500 XT500 OEM 583-24182-00-00 99-019

Fuel Tank Damper For 1976-1981 TT500 & 1976-1981 XT500

Price per piece, Self-Adhesive

Specifications: 50x50x8mm

*Please Note; (YAMAHA documentary error = 583-24182-00-00)

Yamaha has their schematic part numbers reversed for 583-24182-00-00 and 583-24181-00; In the schematic it may show as item 20 or 30 however, the reference number may not correspond correctly to the schematic's diagram and OEM Part No Listed.

583-24182-00 is the LOCATING DAMPER SQUARE PAD for under the Tank and in other (unlisted) models below the battery box; Pictured Below in RED
583-24181-00 is a round damper; LOCATED on TT500 & XT500 Frame Neck; Pictured Below in YELLOW
Application: YAMAHA
1976 TT500C Fuel Tank
1977 TT500D Fuel Tank
1978 TT500E Fuel Tank
1979 TT500F Fuel Tank
1980 TT500G Fuel Tank
1981 TT500H Fuel Tank
1976 XT500C Fuel Tank
1977 XT500D Fuel Tank
1978 XT500E Fuel Tank
1978 XT500E_205 Fuel Tank
1979 XT500F Fuel Tank
1980 XT500G Fuel Tank
1981 XT500H Fuel Tank