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Flat Ball Valve Lash Adjusters Screws For SR400 SR500 TT500 XT500 90149-08098-00 1-157

Flat Ball Valve Lash Screws / Screws, Valve Adjuster
  • Reduce the harmful stress on the valve stem, thus the entire valve drive becomes stronger and significantly less strained!
  • Compared to the genuine screws, larger base of head on the valve stem end, thereby reducing compression and no more pitting
  • Useful even in engines with slightly damaged valve ends
  • Low-maintenance due to extended valve lash timing intervals
  • CNC-crafted, thereby highest precision and lowest tolerance; each ball is precisely plane polished and ball cups individually controlled; allows equal distribution of pressure as well as optimum adhesion
  • Easy to handle-installation in no time, no adjustment required to the rocker arms, etc.
  • The delivery package consists of a mounting-ready set for inlet and exhaust valve, including a detailed adjustment and assembly instruction
  • For Corresponding Valve Clearance Adjustment Gauge click here or see bottom of the page  

OEM Part No's Reference: 3HT-12159-R0-00, 583-12159-00-00, 447-12159-01-00 

Application: YAMAHA
2015 SR400 - SR400FCGY Valve
2015 SR400 - SR400FGY Valve
2016 SR400 - SR400GB Valve
2016 SR400 - SR400GCB Valve
2017 SR400 - SR400HB Valve
2017 SR400 - SR400HCB Valve
1978 SR500E Valve Rocker Arm
1979 SR500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 SR500G Valve
1981 SR500H Valve
1976 TT500C Valve
1977 TT500D Valve
1978 TT500E Valve
1979 TT500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 TT500G Valve
1981 TT500H Valve
1976 XT500C Valve Rocker Arm
1977 XT500D Valve Rocker Arm
1978 XT500E Valve Rocker Arm
1978 XT500E_205 Valve Rocker Arm
1979 XT500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 XT500G Valve
1981 XT500H Valve

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