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Genuine Yamaha Valve Rocker Arm For XT500 TT500 SR500 583-12151-00-00 1pc 2-107

Manufacturer #:583-12151-00-00 OR 90004

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Genuine Yamaha Arm, Valve Rocker / Rocker Arm, Hardened Faces, 1 Piece

Prevents faces from flattening leading to valve train failure, strongly recommended when using after market cams.

Sold as 1x; Buy 2x when necessary

OEM Part Number: 583-12151-00-00


1978 SR500E Valve Rocker Arm
1979 SR500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 SR500G Valve
1981 SR500H Valve
1976 TT500C Valve
1977 TT500D Valve
1978 TT500E Valve
1979 TT500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 TT500G Valve
1981 TT500H Valve
1976 XT500C Valve Rocker Arm
1977 XT500D Valve Rocker Arm
1978 XT500E_205 Valve Rocker Arm
1979 XT500F Valve Rocker Arm
1980 XT500G Valve
1981 XT500H Valve