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CNC Milled Aluminum Chain Tensioner Cap For Yamaha SR400 SR500 TT500 XT500 2-066

Aluminum Chain Tensioner Cap Black Anodized Style, including O-Ring
  • This CNC-Milled aluminum cap is a replacement for the less attractive original (plastic) design!
  • It is made from Dural aluminum, thus is almost indestructible!
  • This item will surely add to that sleek appearance. 
  • We also include the ‘O’ Ring.
Upgraded Quality VS OEM PART NO. 583-12212-00-00 SS > 1JN-12212-00-00

Includes O-Ring OEM PART NO Reference: 93210-32172-00

Applications: Yamaha 
SR400 All Years
SR500 All Years
TT500 All Years
XT500 All Years