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SR400 'Gibbonslap' Conversion Kit

Kit Bike 'Gibbonslap' Conversion Kit, suitable for SR400FI Basic Vehicle including Tires and Complete Exhaust

Kit includes the following:
Yamaha SR400 Gibbonslap Stainless Steel Silencer incl. DB-Killer  (qty 1)
Yamaha SR400 & SR500 Wrenchmonkees GibbonSlap Style Black Solo-Seat  (qty 1)
Mini Pannier Rack, Stainless Steel, Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap-Style, black-coated, including Mounting Material, Size 245x180mm (qty 1)
Aluminium Rear Fender, incl. Brackets, Rubbers & Bushings, Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap-Style (qty 1)
Aluminium Head Light Brackets (1 Pair), Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap-Style, black-coated (qty 1)
KEDO Stainless Steel Header Pipe "Sweptback" Style, 44mm w/ HD-Flange, Frame Flange (Lower) & Lambda Probe Thread (Bottom (qty 1)
YSS Ecoline Rear Shock Absorbers, 1 Pair, Length 320mm (qty 1)
Aluminium Front Fender, incl. Bracket, Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap-Style (qty 1)
'ViRace' Generator Cover with Cooling Fins, Black Coated (qty 1)
'Mini' Front Sprocket Cover, Black Aluminium, Powder Coated (qty 1)
Head Light, Complete, Black, incl. H4 Insert, Wrenchmonkees GibbonSlap-Style (qty 1)
KEDO Stainless Steel Driver's Footpegs, 1 Pair (Left &Right), Silver (Set comes without Bracket (qty 1)
Pannier Rack (LH only), Black, Wrenchmonkee/GibbonSlap-Style (qty 1)
Daytona LED Indicator Lights, Black Metal Housing, 70x20x15mm, Clear Lens, M8 Thread, 1 Pair (qty 2)
Heidenau K60 Enduro Tire 4.00-18" 64T TT Scout M+S, Load/Speed-Index: 280kg/180km/h (qty 1)
Cylinder Head Mounted Decompression Lever-Kit, Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap-Style (qty 1)
Clutch Perch incl. Clamp with Mirror Thread, Clutch Lever, Adjusting Screw and Boot (OEM) (qty 1)
'Crossbar'-Handlebar GibbonSlap-Style, Size approx. 846x125mm (qty 1)
Speedbrakes Steel Braided Brake Line; Black Coating w/ Fittings (qty 1)
Heidenau K60 Enduro Tire 90/90-18" 51S TT (tube type) (qty 1)
KEDO Mini-Chainguard incl. Mounting Material (Matt Black Coated) (qty 1)
License Plate Bracket 'GibbonSlap'-Style ,Stainless, including Mounting Material (qty 1)
'ViRace' Oil Filter Cover with Cooling Fins, Black Coated (qty 1)
Throttle Cable Set (Opener & Closer), +12cm compared to OEM (qty 1)
LED-Taillight 'GibbonSlap'-Style incl. Aluminium Bracket (Fits Rear Fender #WM0014) (qty 1)
License Plate Lamp incl. Reflector (qty 1)
'ViRace' Valve Cover Cap with Cooling Fins, Aluminium, Black Coated (1 Piece) (qty 1)
Speedometer Bracket/Guide, Stainless Steel, Ready-To-Mount (qty 1)
KEDO Rear Frame Cover-Set, polished Aluminium, 1 Pair (qty 1)
Handlebar Grip Biltwell 'Thruster', Black, 1 Pair, Suitable for 22mmm handlebars  (qty 1)
Electronic Flasher Relay 12V. Small Triple Connector w/ two Pins. Load-Independant, Suitable for LED Indicators (qty 1)
Indicator Mounting Kit, Stainless Steel (qty 1)
HD End-Stop for Centre Stand, Stainless Steel Bracket (qty 1)
Clutch Cable (approx. 118cm inner, 106cm outer), OEM reference # 2J4-26335-00 (qty 1)
Wrenchmonkees/GibbonSlap Fuel-Tank-Logo, 1 Piece (White) (qty 1)
Indicator Bracket 'Mini' (1 Pair, Stainless Steel) for Mini Indicators with Stem Diam.max.10mm or OEM 2J4 Indicators (qty 1)
Horn, 12V, 100db, Black (d=70mm), incl. Bracket