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Yamaha HL500 SR400 SR500 TT500 & XT500 Twin Feed Oil Line Kit - Textile Braided Black "Classic" Style w/ Black CNC-Milled Black Anodized Aluminum Distributor Block 17-021

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Manufacturer #:92102

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With beautiful design, the Oil Lines, are manufactured
with proven technology, that stabilize the engine. 

The CNC-machined cooling fins adapt optically to the
the cylinder head, so they merge harmoniously into one 
unit. Oil lines are concise in supplying direct lubrication,
yet, remain discreet. High temperature resistant, with flexible 
oil line, and adjustable fittings for direct feed to intake 

and exhaust valve, as well as both rocker arms; resulting
in less wear and sufficient cooling of the entire valve drive.
The cooling fins design supply equal amounts, of fresh oil, to

the valves for optimal performance.

Easy to install.

Applications: All Years