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VMSS Carburetor Rebuild Kit For Yamaha 1976 TT500 XT500 99-075

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Manufacturer #:94040

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1976 TT500 XT500 Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Product components are of equal or higher quality in terms of the OEM designs, dimensions, and tolerance at a fraction of the price of the individual unit pieces vs buying new, re-furbishing used, or replacing OEM Carburetor all together.

Shipment includes the following: All Items Pictured
*OEM No.s are for reference ONLY
  • Pilot Jet #35 - OEM Part No. 193-14142-35-00
  • Main Jet #210 - OEM Part No. 137-14143-42-A1
  • Needle (5J10-3) - OEM Part No. 316-14116-10-00 (OBSOLETE)
  • Main Nozzle (Q-2) - OEM Part No. 583-14141-52-00
  • Needle Valve Set - OEM Part No. 23L-14107-25-00
  • Needle Valve Washer - OEM Part No. 214-14195-00-00
  • Mixing Chamber Gasket - OEM Part No. 583-14536-00-00
  • Air Adjusting Spring - OEM Part No. 127-14134-00-00
  • Float Chamber Gasket - OEM Part No. 583-14184-00-00
  • Air Adjusting Spring - OEM Part No. 127-14134-00-00
  • Air Screw Set - OEM Part No. 10W-14104-00-00
  • Plunger Starter - OEM Part No. 583-14171-01-00 (OBSOLETE)
  • Plunger Spring - OEM Part No. 500-14135-00-00 (OBSOLETE)
  • *Relevant O-rings and various small parts; c-clips, spacers, springs...exc (but not the rubber membrane)
1976 XT500